Ethical Consideration

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This section will look at all aspects of safeguarding while working in School and what School A does to help with this.

Safeguarding refers to protecting children from harm and ensuring they receive the correct care (NSPCC, 2020). Working with children can be a difficult task as there can be many safeguarding issues. To ensure no safeguarding issues arise, I made sure I was aware of all the safeguarding procedures, officers and health and safety rules to ensure the safety of everyone.

To support safeguard children, the school have an anonymous online system, named ‘on call’. This allows teachers to send an alert to the safeguarding officer who then contacts that child individually to try and address the issue. This is a system I have not seen before, but it is safe, secure and effective as staff usually arrive at the scene in under 5 minutes. The school website also provides useful links to safeguarding or anonymous health and safety websites. This provides students with the opportunity to discuss their issues with the correct organisation and for staff to ensure their students are provided with the correct support where necessary.

As my placement was in a secondary school, teenagers use social media more than younger children therefore extra precautions are necessary. While working at school A I ensured students did not give me their social media usernames or I give them mine. If this was to happen not only could the student become unsafe, but I would too. This would also go against the schools safeguarding procedure and my moral beliefs.

A lot of the evidence used in this e-Portfolio will be some form of cinematography. This could lead to safeguarding and privacy issues for the school, teachers, and students. In order to avoid risking the school’s privacy, all images and videos used will be stock photos to ensure they are pre-approved by the relevant authorities. This ensures the safety of any vulnerable students and avoids anyone getting upset by my actions.

Annotated Bibliography

Safeguarding Information

Childline. 2020. Info and Advice. [Online]. [Accessed:22/04/2020]. Available From:

This page helped me understand what support a child would be given if they contacted this service. The site was split into different sections so you could go to the section titled with the issue you were struggling with. the organisation and the information available helped reassure me that if a child was not able to get help at school, there are other services available to support them.

NSPCC. 2020. Safeguarding children and child protection. [Online]. [Accessed: 10/04/2020]. Available From:

This website provided me with a simplified definition of safeguarding ensuring I understood it easily. It also provided links to other resources to develop my understanding of safeguarding further.

Richards, C. M. 2010. Safeguarding Children: Every child Maters so Everybody Matters!. In: Reed, M. and Canning, N. eds.  Reflective Practice in the Early Years. London: SAGE, pp.69 – 82

This chapter discusses the importance of safeguarding, what it is and the need for safeguarding in an educational environment. The policy relating to safeguarding was also discussed giving me background information to help understand how safeguarding has developed and how its importance has increase throughout the years. It also discusses the importance of maintaining communication with the family of a child to ensure all safeguarding issues are known and resolved. This chapter was particularly useful as it provided me with background information and how to ensure children are safeguarded and the policies put in place to support this.

School A. 2020. Safeguarding. [Online]. [Accessed: 22/04/2020]. Available From: School A Website – Safeguarding

The school website provided documents for their own safeguarding policies and procedures as well as links to useful websites children can access when they need. Exploring this page allowed me to understand what procedures a school has to put in place to ensure their students are safe and secure.

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