Personal Learning and Development

(Student ID: 201122240) On my placement I was able to work with students ranging from 11 to 16 years old all varying in attainment. I gained an insight of the different behaviours through supporting classes but also through discussions with teachers. Before a lesson, each teacher would discuss which child require more support to ensureContinue reading “Personal Learning and Development”

Learning in my Placement

(Student ID: 201122240) The environment education takes place in can support or hinder a student’s education. If students are not comfortable in a setting, then they may not be able to concentrate and hence will not be able to learn properly. The conceptualisation of an environment, as suggested by Lefebvre’s theory, is important in helpingContinue reading “Learning in my Placement”

Educational Provisions Available

(Student ID: 201122240) Curriculum School A focus their education around the requirements of students. They look at what is necessary post-compulsory education and ensure their students are taught the relevant skills. School A has previously held mock interview sessions, held careers fairs and has played host to numerous assemblies teaching their students the importance ofContinue reading “Educational Provisions Available”

Ethical Consideration

(Student ID: 201122240) Safeguarding refers to protecting children from harm and ensuring they receive the correct care (NSPCC, 2020). Working with children can be a difficult task as there can be many safeguarding issues. To ensure no safeguarding issues arise, I made sure I was aware of all the safeguarding procedures, officers and health andContinue reading “Ethical Consideration”

The History Behind the Success – An Introduction

(Student ID: 201122240) Personal Profile I am currently a third-year student looking to teach primary aged children in the future. I have previously gained experience in many different educational environments like a PRU and a Special Needs School where working with children required resilience and constant motivation to ensure children learnt but also had fun.Continue reading “The History Behind the Success – An Introduction”

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